Myo-ther Prestige oil for massage is a soybean-based natural massage oil. It maintains exceptional coverage and spread ability throughout a massage and has a warm, smooth texture. It contains no parabens, alcohols, nut oils, or mineral oil. We have added a sugar-based vegetable oil dispersant for better washability.


As a soybean based natural oil, Myo-ther Prestige Oil has a warm and smooth feeling, spreading easily on the body.


Myo-ther Prestige Oil provides exceptional coverage, glide, and spread-ability. It is effective for all massage techniques.

Myo-ther Prestige Natural Massage Oil

Excluding Sales Tax
    • no added fragrances or scent neutralizers
    • washes clean with soap and water
    • wipes off nicely after a massage
    • contains a natural sugar-based vegetable oil dispersant for better washability
    • made in Canada
    • it doesn't contain parabens, alcohols, mineral oils or nut oils.


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