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Haylee Palmer

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Haylee is our new Registered Massage Therapist here at Legacy Therapeutics! She brings a unique combination of passion for health, outdoor adventure and professional expertise to her massage therapy practice.

With her love for Karate and passion for health, Haylee understands the importance of living an active, healthy lifestyle lifestyle. She understands the need to keep the body nurtured and maintained in good condition.

Haylee specializes in Assisted Stretch Therapy, an approach designed to increase flexibility, range of motion, and overall mobility. Her massage therapy approach is tailored specifically to meet each client’s individual needs. Whether you’re seeking therapeutic relief or deep tissue work, Haylee offers treatments designed to address your specific concerns.

Haylee cherishes spending quality time with her daughter and dogs. Her nurturing nature extends to each client she works with, providing an open and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Haylee is an incredible asset to Legacy Therapeutics’ team of therapists. Not only is she skilled but also deeply passionate about helping you reach your wellness goals.

Whether you’re an athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply looking to enhance your overall well-being, Haylee is here to assist you on your journey toward improved health and a more active lifestyle. Book your session with Haylee now to experience the benefits of her therapeutic treatments!

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