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Alina Yerovenko

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Meet Alina, an incredible Mental States Transformation Therapist armed with the necessary experience, skills, and talents that can enable you to uncover your full potential and live an abundant and fulfilled life.


Alina began her journey in a small Ukrainian town where, as a child, she discovered the captivating world of books. This encounter fostered a memorable passion for reading that has guided much of Alina’s subsequent endeavors. While growing up during economic and political crises, natural disasters, wars, Alina developed valuable adaptive and inner strength qualities which she now applies as part of her approach as a Mental States Transformation Therapist.


Fueled by her insatiable curiosity and thirst for adventure, Alina embarked on an ambitious global exploration. From bustling Middle Eastern cities to serene Asian villages, nestled deep within European capitals to faraway shores; each destination and encounter deepened her understanding of humanity as she explored every facet of our globe’s diversity and beauty.


Language was Alina’s ticket to profound connections that transcended barriers and promoted understanding across cultures. Fluent in five languages including English, Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese and French she effortlessly engaged individuals from diverse backgrounds intuitively grasping their experiences, creating an invisible bridge of empathy that fostered deep personal development for her clients and allowed for transformative personal growth.


Alina found her calling in psychology through an unwavering drive to make a difference, dedicating five years of service helping individuals overcome obstacles, unlock their potential and foster genuine happiness.

As a dedicated therapist specializing in Mental States Transformation, Alina offers a guiding light for those grappling with overwhelming emotions and searching for clarity. Amid the maze of societal norms, self-imposed limits, and past traumas, Alina provides a lifeline by establishing new paths based on personal truths. Her practice is grounded in the revolutionary framework of Mental States Transformation Therapy, a comprehensive approach that merges principles from trauma therapy, psychoanalysis, and positive psychology. By acknowledging the lasting impact of past traumas, this therapy carves out a safe space for individuals to confront and heal from their wounds. Drawing from psychoanalysis, Alina uncovers the subconscious forces driving behavior's and emotions, while weaving in elements of positive psychology to spotlight strengths and resilience. Through the synergy of these therapeutic techniques, Alina embarks on a journey alongside her clients, fostering self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.


Alina's commitment extends to helping clients express themselves authentically. Through delving into the subconscious and unravelling hidden patterns, she encourages the exploration of behavior's and emotions. Alina's incorporation of positive psychology fosters an outlook of optimism and personal empowerment. By combining these therapeutic threads, Alina empowers her clients to shape their own narratives, manifesting a reality filled with fulfilment, harmony, and self-love.

Welcome to Alina’s world, where her remarkable skills, diverse experiences, and unfaltering devotion converge to positively shape those she touches. Prepare yourself to be inspired, empowered, and transformed: your extraordinary journey starts now.

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