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Jill Toth - Massage therapist at Legacy Therapeutics

Jill Toth

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Meet Jill Toth, a talented massage therapist at Legacy Therapeutics with an enthusiasm for health and fitness. With an expertise in strength training and sports, Jill enjoys working with athletes of all levels to help them maximize their performance and reach their objectives.


Jill understands that each individual is unique, so she customizes each treatment to meet each person's individual needs through Swedish massage, deep tissue work, myofascial release and stretching techniques. Her mission is to maximize her clients' training potential and everyday lives by increasing range of motion, relieving chronic pain symptoms and teaching them better self-care habits.


Jill's unique skill set sets her apart from other massage therapists: her quick analysis of posture and ability to detect imbalances or misalignments that need correction. As an accomplished photographer, Jill has perfected the art of capturing amazing moments in a split second. This ability translates perfectly into her massage practice where Jill quickly assesses each client's needs and creates a tailored treatment plan tailored specifically for them.


Jill offers customized treatments using various massage techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and stretching to address chronic pain and increase range of motion. Her expertise in sports massage and deep tissue therapy allows her to effectively address chronic discomfort.


Jill's passion for health and fitness are evident in everything she does. She enjoys staying active and maintaining a balanced diet, which she brings to her work as a massage therapist. Jill strives to help clients reach their pain-free futures by rehabilitating and educating them on how to maintain physical wellbeing. With the capacity to work with a wide range of clients and her focus on rehabilitation and education, Jill is the ideal choice for anyone in need of massage therapy services.


When you book a session with Jill, you can expect an inviting atmosphere where you will feel at ease and relaxed. Her passion for what she does is contagious, leaving you energised and ready to tackle whatever life throws your way! Take the first step towards a healthier future today by booking a session with Jill!

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