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Radwa Nasr

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Radwa Nasr is a registered massage therapist with an unwavering passion for helping others. Her life philosophy revolves around growth, evolution, and the constant flow of energy. From an early age, Radwa was fascinated by how the human body moves, dances, adapts, heals - she truly believes this to be true!

Since then, natural wellness has always captured her imagination and sent her on an epic journey to discover the most effective methods for healing the body in a holistic and natural manner.

After graduating her massage program, Radwa began her massage career at various spas including the Fairmount Hotel. As a massage therapist at Legacy Therapeutics, Radwa uses light to moderate pressure combined with Swedish relaxation techniques and trigger point therapy to help her clients move better and feel better. Her holistic approach combined with natural healing abilities of the human body creates an unique and relaxing experience for each client; Radwa also incorporates myofascial release as well as gentle therapeutic stretching for improved self-care!

When she's not working at Legacy Therapeutics, you can find her teaching Egyptian Dance at the "Egyptian Dance Academy", of which she serves as artistic director. Additionally, she performs regularly in festivals across North America.

Radwa will make you feel better than when you arrived by creating an inviting atmosphere and providing some me time.

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